The year is 2020 and a virus paralyzes everything - everything stands still. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a new band makes its way into the limelight: BLACK & DAMNED.

But one after the other:
Those "condemned to do nothing", MICHAEL VETTER (Guitars & Bass, Ex-PUMP) and ROLAND "Bobbes" SEIDEL (Vocals, IHRESGLEICHEN), decided in this bleak phase of the first worldwide lockdown to be active together. Two "lost souls of the music industry" suddenly merged into a glowing unit. The goal: to break the silence and lethargy and create a number of top notch metal songs. Together the duo wrote 12 epic power metal songs within a very short time, which appears like a symbiosis of the energy of bands like IRON MAIDEN, the gloom of BLACK SABBATH and the playfulness of HELLOWEEN. Soon there could be no other goal than to immortalize these songs on a CD and present them to the public.

Drummer AXEL WINKLER (IHRESGLEICHEN), AXEL MACKENROTT (MASTERPLAN) at the Keyboards and Tommy LAASCH (Backingvocals) were hired for the studio work. So that the disc is also guaranteed to blow the ears of the potential listeners, the CD was mixed and mastered by ACHIM KÖHLER (i.a. PRIMAL FEAR, SODOM, BRAINSTORM), who gave the songs an absolutely independent, epic and modern sound.

With ROCK OF ANGELS RECORDS, the perfect partner was found after just a few weeks for a great, intensive collaboration and of course for the release of the songs.

Last but not least, 2 more dark figures joined the "Army of Darkness", to get the songs live into the world as quickly as possible: ALI GÖZÜBÜYÜK (Bass, BIONIC ANGELS) and AKI REISSMANN (Guitar, Ex-PUMP).

The 12 tracks featured on the first release of BLACK & DAMNED, are incredibly multi-layered, gorgeous and over long stretches of merciless toughness. Originated from the rage against the lockdown, resulted in fresh, melodically strong riffs and vocal lines, which sometimes are reminiscent of Bruce Dickinson or Ronnie Atkins.

Are you now well equipped too, to dive into a new era of metal with BLACK & DAMNED ?

Roland Seidel

Michael Vetter

Aki Reißmann

Ali Gözübüyük

Axel Winkler

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