It was finally high time - last weekend we went back on stage at the brilliant party for the CD presentation of our friends from DUST & BONES - it was more than a pleasure, as Bobbes was also able to be there again with almost full commitment after a long break. Although he was supposed to take it easy for a while, there was no other way - a merciless performance, partly alone, partly in duet with Peter - it seems as if he has used the past weeks to recharge hisbatteries - welcome back Bobbes, you old ramp sow!!!

Next Saturday we'll be going live again and the diary is filling up more and more. We're really looking forward to being able to party with you regularly again. At the same time, we're also going full speed into work on the 3rd album. The songwriting is also in full swing and at the same time the recordings for the first tracks are already being prepared - there will certainly be no room for boredom in the near future ...




And suddenly there was silence - well, only brief and temporary ...

The last gig planned for this year was sadly cancelled last Friday due to heavy snowfall at the venue, so the winter break has now begun a little earlier. Shit happens but the rescheduled date is already fixed.

We would like to take this opportunity to salute all the organizers and visitors of the gigs this year - it was an honor for us to play for you and to party with you. A big thank you also to everyone who supported us so fantastically by buying CDs, vinyl and textiles - you are the best!!!

The plans for 2024 are already in full swing and the free time will certainly be used again and again at full volume - songwriting for the next CD and rehearsing one or two new songs for the live events in 2024. Bobbes will certainly be back on stage next year as he continues to recover and gather strength. Of course, there will also be a reunion with Peter Hirsch, who rocked the last gigs so fantastically - Chapeau Peter and a thousand thanks.

We are already looking forward to welcome you back from the stage. Until then, have a good time and turn the sound up to the max from time to time.

Finally, here's a gallery from the last gig of the year at Soundcheck One - thanks to Peter Gödecke for capturing the special stage atmosphere:


Wicked ones claim that the old men of Black & Damned have to spend more time in medical treatment than rocking out together. Unfortunately, it must be said that this is not completely out of the air.
After Micha, it's now Mr. Seidel's turn again, who will have to endure a serious medical procedure in the coming week. We keep our fingers crossed that everything goes quickly and above all successfully "over the stage".

Since Bobbes will sadly be out of action for several weeks, we are happy that our buddy Peter Hirsch (Sirius Curse, Crossing Sabbath) will take over the part at the front mic in the meantime. At the two festivals in Dotternhausenand Hohenmemmingen Peter was already on stage and proved that he is an excellent and worthy substitute until Bobbes is back in full action.
But now also again at this point: Welcome Peter !!!

Peter will play his first fulltime gig next Saturday at the Sonnenkeller in Balingen - hell yeah.


What else can you say - definitely more Damned than Black - at least at the moment ...
Tonight in Alzey probably only 4 people will be able to stand on stage, but we will rock in any case.
Looking forward to see you!


And here is the next gallery, this time from Metalnight Vol II last Saturday. The photos come again from the house of Hintz - thanks again!

Well, that makes you want to go to the next festival, tomorrow in Alzey at the Metalheads - so let's have a blast together ...


Part 2 of the Upper Saw Festival, now with the great pics of Jochen Martin:


Great pictures from last Saturday at the Upper Saw Festival by Sascha & Nadine Hintz.
Tonight it goes on in Hohenmemmingen at the Metalnight Vol II - we are looking forward to you!!


A huge thanks to the Upper Saw Festival team and all the metalheads - it was an honour to be part of this mega party again.


The wait is over - no more summer lazing around - it's high time to hit the stages ourselves again !!!!
The next 3 weeks will start with 3 wonderful festivals:

23.09. - Uper Saw Festival - Dotternhausen (Ger)
30.09. - Metalnight II in Hohenmemmingen (Ger)
07.10. - Metalheads Gemany Festival VI - Alzey (Ger)

We are in the starting blocks, digging in our heels and looking forward to rocking and partying with you all without mercy.


The waiting time until the next gigs is the perfect opportunity to get the right outfit already now, e.g. one of the new shirts - or even several to switch:

Just send an email to office@blackanddamned.com and you will get all the necessary details.


Last Saturday we definitely had a lot of fun at the Savo-Club in Balingen and no, the gig really wasn't cool, but rather an absolute heat battle, where Bobbes impressively proved how fit he is in the meantime again - yeah!!!
But now it's time for the summer break - holidays, recreation and of course some songwriting. In 2 months, we will be back in full force with a triple pack of festivals - the anticipation is already absolutely immense.


We are really happy that our shouting boy is fit again and was able to perform on stage yesterday.
The next opportunity to find out for yourself is in Balingen in 2 weeks - we look forward to seeing you there!


Absolute state of shock:
After our shouter Bobbes had to spend a rather unpleasant time in the hospital last year, he has now been fully hit again.

An exact diagnosis and the further required measures are still unclear at the moment.

We are with him in our thoughts, wish him all the best, lots of strength and hope for a quick and above all complete recovery.

Cheer up, Bobbes, you'll be fine!!!

However, the gig at the Sonnenkeller next Saturday has to be postponed definitively - once again, now already for the second time :-(


There's not much to say about it, except: Volume to maximum and there you go ...
Video No. 4 for the new album:


The eagle has landed - out now !!!
Our second album "Servants Of The Devil" is now available everywhere, for purchase and listening!
Here you can find everything you need: www.rockworld24.com


Just in time for the album release, of course, the sequel to "Heavenly Beer" will be appearing tomorrow as well.
"Cervisia Of The Devil" - whoever can grab one: Cheers!


Third single, third video, third strike ... "Rise To Rise":


Only 2 weeks until the official release of "Servants Of The Devil" - then you can finally form your own opinion ...
Others have already had the opportunity and have already expressed their opinions in reviews, some of which can also be read online, e.g. here:

Rock Garage (8,5/10)
Zephyr's Odem (8,7/10)
Metal Temple (9,5/10)
Time For Metal (8,5/10)
Metal Heads (9/10)

Very cool also this video reaction to "Dreamhunter":
Iridium Rock and Metal reviews


Number 2 - Dreamhunter - of course also to be found on "Servants Of The Devil" (Release on 28.04.2023):


Available now - an absolute eye-catcher - the brand new Black & Damned shirt with double-sided print:

There will also be a tank top in a different look soon.


Hell yeah, finally - Hyenas Call - the video premiere to the first single release of "Servants Of The Devil":


The team from Rock Is Life Photography accompanied the video shoot for "Black & Damned" last Sunday and shot some brilliant pictures -
1000 thanks! Here are some impressions:

The complete gallery can be found here: Gallery Video Shoot



"Pandemic and uncertainties did not stop Black & Damned to complete their second and new album "Servants of The Devil". A release characterized by lyrical and musical strength embraced by a darker aura. Wider sound experiments combined with traditional Power Metal tracks open the mind and ears. Servants get ready to unleash the fury and emotions under the sound of Black & Damned".

You can pre-order the CD, which will be released on 28.04, NOW at Roar-Records!
And of course, it's all available now from all the other usual online stores ...

This TRACKLIST awaits you:

1. Hyena's Call
2. Rise to Rise
3. Dreamhunter
4. The Quantum You
5. Golden Wings
6. Inside
7. Black and Damned
8. King and Allies
9. Hail to The Gods
10. Welcome to Madness
11. Servants of The Devil
12. Decide on Your Destiny (Vinyl version bonus track)
13. Dreams to Stay Alive (Vinyl version bonus track)

And on 03.03 the first video of the CD will finally be online !!!


The countdown is on ...

further into the past ...