Available now - an absolute eye-catcher - the brand new Black & Damned shirt with double-sided print:

There will also be a tank top in a different look soon.


Hell yeah, finally - Hyenas Call - the video premiere to the first single release of "Servants Of The Devil":


The team from Rock Is Life Photography accompanied the video shoot for "Black & Damned" last Sunday and shot some brilliant pictures -
1000 thanks! Here are some impressions:

The complete gallery can be found here: Gallery Video Shoot



"Pandemic and uncertainties did not stop Black & Damned to complete their second and new album "Servants of The Devil". A release characterized by lyrical and musical strength embraced by a darker aura. Wider sound experiments combined with traditional Power Metal tracks open the mind and ears. Servants get ready to unleash the fury and emotions under the sound of Black & Damned".

You can pre-order the CD, which will be released on 28.04, NOW at Roar-Records!
And of course, it's all available now from all the other usual online stores ...

This TRACKLIST awaits you:

1. Hyena's Call
2. Rise to Rise
3. Dreamhunter
4. The Quantum You
5. Golden Wings
6. Inside
7. Black and Damned
8. King and Allies
9. Hail to The Gods
10. Welcome to Madness
11. Servants of The Devil
12. Decide on Your Destiny (Vinyl version bonus track)
13. Dreams to Stay Alive (Vinyl version bonus track)

And on 03.03 the first video of the CD will finally be online !!!


The countdown is on ...



A little over a year ago, we were able to celebrate our live premiere at the 1st Upper Saw Festival - an incredible evening. All the more we are excited that we are invited again for next year and then of course we can present the songs of the new CD. The place will be trembling - promised!


Good news: our screamer is feeling better from day to day and so we can slowly start with the badly missed gigs again.
We will start in 3 weeks, together with CROSSING SABBATH at the reopening of the Luftraum, the "Metal Is Forever"-club in Fürstenfeldbruck. This will surely be a heavy party and an awesome reunion with many faces from the community ... hell yeah!


During the compulsory break, a small retrospective offers itself, for example with a photo series of the past Wellesweiler Open Air:


High time for a small update on the current situation.
In the meantime, word has spread that our Bobbes had to undergo a very serious operation in August. Fortunately, everything seems to be over now and Bobbes is getting better day by day. However, in order not to endanger the further healing process, he must continue to avoid any exertion and stress in the coming weeks.
For this reason BLACK & DAMNED will probably not be able to play any more gigs this year. The planning for 2023 is already in full swing - we will keep you up to date.


And we were really looking forward to it ... but health comes first:
Due to an urgently needed operation of a band member, we unfortunately have to cancel the gigs until October - so sorry!


Wellesweiler - what an awesome evening. It was an honor for us to be there. Thanks to all from the Orga-Team and all visitors - you were simply amazing !!!
Now it's time for a short holiday break before the next festival in Obertraubling on 10.09. - we are really looking forward to it.


The first OpenAir of the year is behind us. What can we say: It was an honor to be part of the "Rock dein Leben-Festival" and rock out for you. Special thanks to Vitali Schogenov (20Dark7), who replaced Axel on the drums. Here are some nice impressions of the gig:


The first two gigs this year are over and what can we say - it was incredible fun to finally rock out on stage in front of horny metalheads again, because that's what it's all about:
Celebrating fat parties together with you.

Now we continue with 4 festivals, the first two "open air". Are you ready? In any case, we are already absolutely hot for you!!!


"Dreamhunter"-video shoot part 2


Yesterday was the 1st video shoot for "Dreamhunter" with the band - part 2 with actors will follow soon.
Micha, our man for the moving pictures, has of course worked out a script with a horny story - it's in progress ...


The mix of the new album "Servants Of The Devil" is now in the can.
Achim Köhler has done a great job again - we are thrilled.
It's a pity that we can't publish any samples at the moment, but we're really looking forward to it.


High time for an update on what is to come:

- The recordings of the second CD are finished!
- The mixing & mastering with Achim Köhler has started!
- The CD cover and the booklet artwork are finished!
- The first video is finished!
- The shooting for the second video is in the starting blocks!
- 3 live shows are already booked!

Only ... there is still nothing to hear or see officially from the second CD :-(
A little patience is still needed - we also can hardly wait :-)


Our label has now launched a mega online shop in Germany. You are welcome to go shopping for CDs and shirts there! Mainly from BLACK & DAMNED, of course :-)


further into the past ...