Today a small selection of photos from the Metal Is Forever fan meeting. And when there's such a fantastic atmosphere at a gig, even the wrong band banner in the background doesn't bother much :-)


There are evenings you never forget - the "Metal Is Forever" fan club meeting last weekend is definitely one of them.
What an incredible party! A huge thank you to everyone who made it possible and helped celebrating.
It was an honor to have been a part of it. More pictures will follow.

Since Saturday, the new shirt in "Dark-Camouflage" is also available - this young lady already has:

Detailed information on ordering at office@blackanddamned.com.


Last Saturday, the long wait was finally over and BLACK & DAMNED were where they definitely belong - on stage - hell yeah !!!
The live premiere at the Upper-Saw-Festival in Dotternhausen was a complete success and an awesome fun. That's exactly how it has to be.
Click on the collage to get to the photo gallery with many impressions of the live acting.


After the last few weeks have been a bit quiet, it's high time for a follow-up:
Video No. 6 - "The Wardress

Production: Menschbilder Photo-Art - who else!


We're really happy that we're slowly getting back to real live gigs and that the first dates of Black & Damned have been confirmed - finally.
Now we have to keep our fingers crossed that everything can really take place and that we can finally rock out together.
We are absolutely hot for it !!!


With a fresh wind, through our new bass player Pappe Lee, we will blow your hair off your skulls at our live shows !!!
Here now a photo of our current line-up!


We proudly present our new bassplayer Pappe Lee.
Our former bass player Ali couldn't keep up with our speed and success and asked that we fill his position with a new bass player.
Well, we followed his request and are happy to welcome good Pappe to the B&D family.
With Pappe we will build up our live presence to a killer show and have already started working with him on the new album.
It's on - beware of the B&D-Machine!!!


Behind the scenes - great memories of the video shoots last year.
Musically backed with "Heavenly Creatures":


Cooperation out of conviction! Guitarist Michael is now a proud endorser for STEYNER STRAPS! The guitar straps are handmade in Germany in highest quality. Michael uses the vegan strap by STEYNER, because this corresponds to his attitude towards life!
You can order your strap at www.steyner.de! Dig in!


Now it's done - our fifth and (probably!) last video for the current album HEAVENLY CREATURES: "The world bleed".
Have fun with it and please share, like and don't forget to buy the album :-)

Production: Menschbilder Photo-Art - naturally.


It's high time that we thank you for your great support - we are overwhelmed how many orders for the CD, the vinyl record and the merch articles have been received within a very short time - you are the best! Thank you very much!
And here we go - Video No. 4: "War is just another word for hell" - here you go:

Production of course again completely by Menschbilder Photo-Art aka Micha Vetter.


Here are some links to first online reviews of "Heavenly Creatures":

Metal Heads
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And next Monday there's already the next video ...


Finally, we are absolutely delighted - today is worldwide release day !!!



One more week until the release of "Heavenly Creatures".
Today, as a further appetizer, there is video no. 3: "Born again" - have fun with it.

The complete production of the video was - of course - done again by Micha (Menschbilder Photo-Art) from A-Z. :-)


It was sadly predictable - the THRASH SPEED BURN Festival in January and thus also the first gig of BLACK & DAMNED cannot take place due to the extension of public restrictions and is canceled - so sorry.
We will see when normality will finally return and live events will be possible.


Here it is - Video No.2: "Liquid Suicide"
Like "Salvation", this video was planned and realized by Menschbilder Photo-Art.


Step on it - live these days like they are the last !!!


Black & Damned in the print media:

Get the latest issues of Legacy (01/21 - with review and poster), Rock It (No. 121 - with interview) und Hardline (already No. 47 - with interview, now also No. 48 with interview and review).


Release of the brand new single + music video

The very first single "Salvation" and the matching music video, taken from the upcoming debut longplayer "Heavenly Creatures" that will be released at January 29, 2021 through ROAR - rock of angels records!
The video was written, directed and edited by Menschbilder Photo-Art.
Special thanks go to Natalie Vetter for acting as the wardress and the great actors Gioele Viola & Aida Kalac.


Let's get started - pre-order "Heavenly Creatures" worldwide:



Not yet published and already a first review:
The Median Man
Thanks a lot ;-)


The press release:

German Heavy/Power metallers Black & Damned sign with ROAR! Rock of Angels Records!
The year is 2020, a virus paralyzes us all and everything stands still. But suddenly and out of nowhere a new band makes its way into the limelight: BLACK & DAMNED
... damned, rising out of the dark and armed with the steely weapons of pure Heavy Metal! The two damned ones and prisoners of their passion are Michael Vetter (Ex-PUMP) with his sixstring axe and Roland "Bobbes" Seidel (IHRESGLEICHEN), who's proclaiming his messages on the microphone. And in their damnation, these two lost souls of the music industry have merged into a glowing and unstoppable unit.
For their (soon to be announced and presented) first studio work, Axel Winkler (IHRESGLEICHEN) was hired for the drums and Axel Mackenrott (MASTERPLAN) handled the keys. And with Ali Gözübüyük (BIONIC ANGELS) as the fighter on bass and Aki Reissmann (PUMP) who swings the axe of rhythm, the army of darkness was completed and is now ready to be unleashed to the world of Metal!
Are you prepared to enter the dark with these damned guys?
Today we proudly announce the signing of a multi-album deal with BLACK & DAMNED and welcome the band in the ROAR! Rock of Angels family. More info about the band's first full-length album, release date, track list and other details will follow in short!


It continues - videoshoot for WAR


In the October issue of Hardline Magazines you can find the first BLACK & DAMNED print-interview.
Micha and Bobbes were available to answer questions to the history of origin of the band. Save the copy now and read it !!!


Shooting for the first video: SALVATION


First joint listening to the CD - hell yeah


Just 4 months after starting the first songwriting the contract is signed - more should not revealed yet.


The first Teaser - ther's something is coming your way ...